Who Are You?: A fly in the ointment (can i say that?)
Where Are You?: at my computer screen, Cambridge
What Are You?: PhD student, dreamer and occasional schemer
What do you make?: Bread, pizzas, curries, mincemeat of Kafka and others who should have known better
What do you love?: Being in love with love
What do you hate?: Systems, institutions, needless bureaucracy- hey, vitriol is underrated
What do you listen to?: Warne Marsh burning up the tarmac on his tenor sax, Devoto, Momus- things with brains and guts
What do you watch?: Any Cassavetes film, film noir (Jean Gabin in Touchez Pas au Grisbi if i had a copy!), those obscure titles Dan Treacy namedrops- does he still watch them?
What do you drink?: Espresso the king of drinks, Stella/Grolsh, Black Bush, Amaretto
What do you smoke?: Not fussy
What do you take?: Not enough time
What do you believe in?: The tortoise beating Achilles

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Stuck- marooned in Hitchin
What were you?: Miserable schoolboy, octane was in short supply in those days
What did you wear?: Maroon uniform- daren't remember what else
What did you listen to?: Smiths, McCarthy, Fall, prime Bodines, GoBetweens Felt, Peelie and Rickshaw (Kershaw?)
What did you watch?: Formula 1, too much dross otherwise
What did you love?: Joe Orton, Colin Wilson, meatballs, socialist ideals
What did you hate?: That Catholic block Sonic Youth sang about
What did you drink?: Not enough, Lawrence and Morrissey made sure of that
What did you smoke?: Ditto
What did you take?: Masochistic delight in the extent of my obscurity
What did you want to be?: A well-oiled Futurist machine- am still trying
Who did you fight?: Rule-makers, family coercion
Who/What did you believe in?: Vaguely cranky spiritual leanings, school of Colin Wilson
Where did you go?: First class ticket to a lonely place
What did you learn?: Self-reliance, self-absorption