mark morris

Who Are You?: Mark Morris
Where Are You?: At home in London, in the study, listening to daytime Radio 1
What Are You?: An opionated bastard who writes stuff about films for assorted newspapers and magazines
What do you make?: Nothing, really
What do you love?: Good TV, bad TV, American indie movies, Jerry Bruckheimer movies, Spanish movies, Danish movies, food, hip hop, cats, and most of all, London
What do you hate?: Capitalism, fascism, New Labour, Oasis, Jo Whiley, Tom Hanks, prog-rock, technodeterminism, people who hunt
What do you listen to?: Prince Paul, Pharcyde, Yo La Tengo, Mos Def, Lambchop, George Jones, Kool Keith, Scud Mountain Boys, Gang Starr
What do you watch?: Simpsons, Sopranos, Frasier, Homicide, Oz, Larry Sanders, MTV/Box/VH1, Pinky And The Brain, Buffy, Late Review
What do you drink?: Coke
What do you smoke?: The very occasional cigar, the odd joint, no cigs
What do you take?: A lot of time getting anything done, apart from my work
What do you believe in?: Securing for the workers by hand or brain the fruits of their labour

When We Were 16

Where were you?: London-Marlborough-Milan
What were you?: Pissed off, bored, occasionally furious
What did you wear?: Narrow orange tab pale Levis. Lots of black. A Ramones t-shirt. Trainers, which I haven't worn since
What did you listen to?: Jesus And Mary Chain, Smiths, Shop Assistants, Meat Puppets, Roxanne Shante, Husker Du, Velvets
What did you watch?: Top Of The Pops
What did you love?: London, Catch-22, Italian food, our little kitten
What did you hate?: Mrs Thatcher, school, the class system, goths, uniforms, most people I knew, Christianity, nuclear weapons
What did you drink?: Coke, a bit of lager, wine, cider, bad punch, whatever was on offer...
What did you smoke?: A joint about once a year, no cigs
What did you take?: The piss
What did you want to be?: In a very noisy pop group
Who did you fight?: Kids and teachers at school, but not physically
Who/What did you believe in?: Socialism and pop music
Where did you go?: Walked up and down Queensway a lot
What did you learn?: That being right wasn't the same as people realising you were right. And that listening to the Smiths was no automatic indication of humanity