marvin s

Who Are You?: marvin s
Where Are You?: indeed
What Are You?: two arms, two legs, head
What do you make?: a molehill out of a mountain
What do you love?: certain angles in winter, following shadows, and peeping at people i don't know
What do you hate?: cars, roads, toxic fumes
What do you listen to?: gorkys zygotic mynce, amon duul 2, teardrop explodes, 14 iced bears, spacemen 3, wire
What do you watch?: birds and clouds outside my window, patterns, eyes and mexican windows
What do you drink?: wine, coffee, water
What do you smoke?: almost anything
What do you take?: headache pills, painkillers for my back, LSD
What do you believe in?: change

When We Were 16

Where were you?: northampton, living with parents
What were you?: insignificance personified
What did you wear?: two pairs of black jeans, winklepickers
What did you listen to?: rem, beach boys, fields of the nephilim, miracle legion
What did you watch?: christine
What did you love?: i didn't love
What did you hate?: nearly everything
What did you drink?: cider
What did you smoke?: b+h
What did you take?: english A level
What did you want to be?: writer
Who did you fight?: parents
Who/What did you believe in?: i prayed to god for nice dreams
Where did you go?: milton keynes, nowhere really...
What did you learn?: that i could make things happen just by thinking about them (i've since un-learnt this, but am considering re-learning)