Who Are You?: matthew
Where Are You?: near Leeds
What Are You?: An apprentice human being.
What do you make?: People frustrated without meaning to. Attempts at being likeable and understanding. The rest of the world look better.
What do you love?: A small number of people, the contents of my wardrobe and my record collection.
What do you hate?: I don't think I've ever actually hated anything. I dislike watching the news because it makes me miserable and frustrated, and the predictable ones that always sound tacky if yo say them.
What do you listen to?: Nico, Nick Drake, Kenickie, Orlando, Scott Walker, David Bowie.
What do you watch?: The Powerpuff Girls, Ironside, Ellen, Frasier, films people tell me to watch.
What do you drink?: Water, coca cola.
What do you smoke?: Slim cigars. Though I wish there was no smoke.
What do you take?: Whatever I'm given, usually without complaining.
What do you believe in?: That I go mad without anyone to talk to. Pop music.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Heckmondwike Grammar School. You didn't have to pay.
What were you?: Clueless. Hopeless. Ill-dressed. Convinced I was well dressed.
What did you wear?: T-shirts with band logos on the front. Horrible shirts froma charity shop, usually the same trousers and cherry red doctor martens.
What did you listen to?: Kenickie, Radiohead, a tape for soul music from the 1960's.
What did you watch?: Other people that seemed to find it much simpler than I. Poor comdedy. Trainspotting.
What did you love?: Nothing. I wasn't nihilistic, I was lonely.
What did you hate?: Anything. It was a substitute for love.
What did you drink?: Vodka with fruit juices.
What did you smoke?: See next question.
What did you take?: I was once convinced to smoke cannabis. It made me dizzy and then made me vomit. My urine was red for a week afterwards.
What did you want to be?: A sucessful recording artist.
Who did you fight?: Anyone, vocally, who wouldn't hear me.
Who/What did you believe in?: Rock music.
Where did you go?: To and from school. Nowhere else.
What did you learn?: That I'd have to try in order to get things I want. That I don't want to try.