Who Are You?: Me!
Where Are You?: at work
What Are You?: hot
What do you make?: love
What do you love?: music
What do you hate?: too much to list here!
What do you listen to?: Records, tapes, cd's, minidiscs, mp3s, birds, buses, the wind, clocks ticking, my heart beating, people talking (sometimes!)
What do you watch?: films, tv, occasional videos at other people's places; preferably shit that doesn't stultify
What do you drink?: water, COFFEE, rum&coke (wray & nephew please!), tequila
What do you smoke?: preferably quality skunk
What do you take?: not that much any more, though if anybody's got any microdots.....
What do you believe in?: trying to find a way of sorting out the world, & doing something more than just keeping myself comfortable

When We Were 16

Where were you?: switzerland
What were you?: bored
What did you wear?: black
What did you listen to?: noisy isht; pixies, Jesus & mary chain, my bloody valentine, mudhoney, run DMC
What did you watch?: japanese cartoons; uresei yatsura, ranma 1/2, fist of the north star & similar (preferably funny & quirky rather than twisted & violent)
What did you love?: burning things getting drunk smoking spliffs
What did you hate?: most people the pope in particular
What did you drink?: tequila, long island iced tea, baileys, any cheap spirits straight from the bottle, B52s, snowballs
What did you smoke?: cheap hash, rolled by whoever could... beedees!
What did you take?: the train into town!
What did you want to be?: not sure, but something more than i've become anyway...
Who did you fight?: no-one, really; peaceful dude with mild pyromaniac tendencies wanted to think i fought the law... but in the end, who won?
Who/What did you believe in?: the power of rationality
Where did you go?: out to shite pubs off to inspiring gigs round local villages on my bike
What did you learn?: lots, but the most interesting stuff didn't actually become obvious 'til much later.