Mia de Facteur

Who Are You?: Mia de Facteur
Where Are You?: Virtual Reality. I hide behind screen names and scores of cultish references to French literature I can only ever read in translation anyway.
What Are You?: A character. A persona. I could have watched Rome fall. I could have lived on Barbary Lane.
What do you make?: Sentences from qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm
What do you love?: That I have trouble remembering a time before e-mail anymore. That was before Mia the persona was born. Now there exists a whole generation of cyber people.
What do you hate?: Power failures. They're as good as heart failure to me.
What do you listen to?: White noise.
What do you watch?: Monitors. They are the windows to the soul.
What do you drink?: Water, in an attempt to fleshify Mia.
What do you smoke?: In virtual reality, there's no need to smoke. You can write something like: I am smoking cigars, and it's as good as done. In that case, I smoke cigars. Next time, buddha.
What do you take?: Mac software only.
What do you believe in?: The space of non-place we seem to be creating to make the world smaller via the Internet. But really, the Web, the highway are both as ephemeral as I am.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Numbers may be the meat and bones of Mia, but not conventionally so. She never had to be 16 if she didn't want to. She could be 16 right now.
What were you?: Unca, Mia's cousin.
What did you wear?: Prehistoric Apple.
What did you listen to?: White noise.
What did you watch?: Monitors.
What did you love?: Not just the idea of the future, but also the future.
What did you hate?: The obsolete.
What did you drink?: You'd have to log into to The Village and ask.
What did you smoke?: Smoking would have been out of character.
What did you take?: Mac software only.
What did you want to be?: Mia de Facteur
Who did you fight?: "Guys" by the name of Superstud69 and Bigman21.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in the passing of Unca. She needed a rest. She needed to return to Berlin in 1922.
Where did you go?: I didn't go so much as I came.
What did you learn?: Daddy was right: You can indeed be anything you want.