middleaged male

Who Are You?: A middleaged male, freelance, childless, married, creative, honest, ok really, insecure, liberal, thoughtful, meaningful
Where Are You?: North of England, just over the cusp of my life but still involved in my own progress
What Are You?: kind but self focused, creative but not artistic, adventurous but not brave, Aries, unconventional, overweight
What do you make?: music, connections, pain, memories
What do you love?: trees, cats, kids, sisters, friends, beer, traditional folk tunes, my best friend, my wife I think,
What do you hate?: progress, noise, other peoples greed, my insecurity, my body image, my frailty, myself most of the time
What do you listen to?: traddy folk, Irish music, peoples refelctions, at the moment Natalie Merchant, Billy Bragg
What do you watch?: The Bill, Star Trek, Friends repeats, Frasier, BBC
What do you drink?: beer and sometimes wine, tea
What do you smoke?: I uised to soke Golden Virginia for 30 years until 3 months ago, a little blow
What do you take?: indigestion tablets, myself too seriously, herbal panaceas
What do you believe in?: mystery, nature, my intuition, my friends, human goodness

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Northamptonshire, overweight, inhibited, neurotic, lonely
What were you?: a fat guy with hair and a guitar, a drop out, a weekend hippy
What did you wear?: scruffy clothes, homemade (mum made) kaftan, cheap jeans
What did you listen to?: beatles, animals, kinks
What did you watch?: Avengers, Monty Python, Dr Who
What did you love?: My dog, my friends, Jacky
What did you hate?: my body, my fear, my family, myself, my school
What did you drink?: cider
What did you smoke?: No6
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: thinner, fucked
Who did you fight?: my family, my school
Who/What did you believe in?: astrology, music,
Where did you go?: to the youth club, to the fields,
What did you learn?: music, its alright to be different, that girls didn't fancy me, thatI wasn't the same