mike @ dropbeat

Who Are You?: Mike Schulman
Where Are You?: Oakland, CA
What Are You?: a damnfool record hound
What do you make?: trouble/records/no money/more trouble
What do you love?: great 7" singles, my cats and nommi (in no particular order)
What do you hate?: wack beats, indie snobs, nose hairs
What do you listen to?: jazz, soul, indie-pop, techno, jungle, 60's rock, hip-hop, gospel, folk
What do you watch?: bad teenager tv
What do you drink?: too much beer, not enough red bull
What do you smoke?: n/a
What do you take?: too much time
What do you believe in?: the power o' pop

When We Were 16

Where were you?: annapolis, md
What were you?: a high school senior
What did you wear?: army fatigue pants & flannel shirts
What did you listen to?: the jam, the clash, joy division, the beat
What did you watch?: early illin' mtv
What did you love?: hesse & kerouac books
What did you hate?: jocks & republicans
What did you drink?: milk
What did you smoke?: n/a
What did you take?: n/a
What did you want to be?: a beatnik
Who did you fight?: myself mostly
Who/What did you believe in?: punk rock and weird books
Where did you go?: downhill
What did you learn?: cynicisn