mix tape boy

Who Are You?: a boy who is 23 that has made his girlfriend of 5 years over 100 mix tapes.
Where Are You?: champaign, IL, which is a long way from boston.
What Are You?: an enthusiast of pop music in general and a disgruntled martketing consultant.
What do you make?: friends and love mostly, but also lots of mix tapes, as i already said.
What do you love?: snow, the smell inside old records, my girlfriend lynn, $1 pints of beer, receiving mail from foreign countries, button-up long-sleeve shirts and wool sweaters, spending lots of money on collectible records, my two cats (begby and alex), and hairdryers (not necessarily in that order).
What do you hate?: loud neighbors who play dance music, mtv, when the water pressure in the shower is too low, periods of time when i lack motivation, car headlights at night, and spending lots of money on collectible records.
What do you listen to?: everything from nick drake and the dB's to suicide and felt to the magnetic fields and the verlaines to the young marble giants and rocketship to neutral milk hotel and back again.
What do you watch?: not a lot, really. baseball, if anything. however i do wish some kind soul would put the old episodes of "whose line is it anyway?" back on.
What do you drink?: water. beer. the essentials.
What do you smoke?: nothing.
What do you take?: too much shit from my boss about wearing tennis shoes to work, long drives through the country on sunny days and cool nights, old issues of chickfactor to re-read when i go home to visit my parents.
What do you believe in?: honesty, good taste in music, that you can never have enough dust sleeves, that frat boys are quite possibly the most annoying people on earth, sleep, and hand-crafted mix covers.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in my hometown of canton, IL -- population 14,000.
What were you?: a dork who had lots of dorky friends who enjoyed being dorks together.
What did you wear?: just about the same thing i wear now.
What did you listen to?: lots of new wave and my older brother's record collection, plus a good deal of red hot chili peppers.
What did you watch?: my relationship with my parents fall apart, sean tuckey threaten to kick a different kid's ass every day during p.e., and all the girls i thought i wanted to date go out with other boys.
What did you love?: hanging out with my friends, sneaking out of my friend's houses at two in the morning to walk around town, and causing "trouble" with my odd sense of humor.
What did you hate?: plenty.
What did you drink?: nothing illegal.
What did you smoke?: nothing.
What did you take?: my parent's car out as often as possible.
What did you want to be?: something that i wasn't. or, a poet/musician. either way...
Who did you fight?: no one, except my parents.
Who/What did you believe in?: that being different meant something, and that i was never going to get a date with all those girls that i was interested in.
Where did you go?: to my friend's houses. basically anywhere but where most of the people in my highschool went to hang out -- "the square".
What did you learn?: that even dorks have "fans", and being voted prom king can piss off a lot of the jocks at your school.