Molly Ditmore

Who Are You?: Molly Ditmore
Where Are You?: San Francisco
What Are You?: Keen
What do you make?: Clothes
What do you love?: Small dogs and Reading
What do you hate?: Selfishness, greed, organized religion
What do you listen to?: Advice
What do you watch?: Headlines
What do you drink?: Water
What do you smoke?: Peace pipes
What do you take?: My time
What do you believe in?: Love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Midwest
What were you?: Ornery, headstrong
What did you wear?: Red lipstick and black boots
What did you listen to?: R.E.M., the Cure, '60s Pop, Punk rock
What did you watch?: "Sid and Nancy" and "Twin Peaks"
What did you love?: Music
What did you hate?: Republicans, World Bank
What did you drink?: Dr. Pepper
What did you smoke?: n/a
What did you take?: n/a
What did you want to be?: Rock journalist
Who did you fight?: Furriers
Who/What did you believe in?: Greenpeace
Where did you go?: The edge. I sent postcards.
What did you learn?: To keep back from the edge.