Who Are You?: n/a
Where Are You?: san francisco
What Are You?: a real human being
What do you make?: bad electronic music. things to eat. letters. written things. good collages. words words sentences. landscape. heat.
What do you love?: unrest. beans & rice. chester. yellow rain slickers. george. cigaretes. kim. peter saville. mom.
What do you hate?: airqoutes used unironically.
What do you listen to?: high llamas. stereolab. dif juz. television. cocteaus. felt. denim. bossa nova. flowchart. prolapse. scritti politti. ACR. Kalima. chester not shutting up. traffic. 4 33. screaming bums outside my window. the wind. beach boys. apples in stereo. F market. duran duran. larry heard. the beloved's 'the sun rising' air miami. tinseltown in the rain...
What do you watch?: woody allen movies. pornography. animal planet. two fat ladies. men/women. chester.
What do you drink?: lots of water. whole organic milk. jaegermeister. rootbeer. tea.
What do you smoke?: marlboro light 100s.
What do you take?: my time
What do you believe in?: love luck and lollipops. and change...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: hawaii
What were you?: a student
What did you wear?: black denim jacket. shorts. converse sneakers. messenger bag. earrings. whatever mom brought home.
What did you listen to?: jesus and mary chain. sugarcubes. sinead o'conner. old simple minds. front 242. misfits. cocteaus. entire 4ad catalogue. smiths. colourbox. this mortal coil etc. roxy music. japan. my bloody valentine. the wedding present. throwing muses. new order. nothing that my parents advised...
What did you watch?: twin peaks. mtv. other stuff...
What did you love?: matt mcmillan
What did you hate?: new jersey
What did you drink?: vodka from hairspray bottles. sake. japanese barley tea at maggies house. rootbear. milk. strawberry hill
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: a lot of shit
What did you want to be?: designer
Who did you fight?: numbskulls and ignorant teachers.
Who/What did you believe in?: matt mcmillan. oscillate wildly. romance. the beauty of landscape. andy warhol.
Where did you go?: new york. the expected places
What did you learn?: that things were much stranger han i had imagined