Natalie Hope

Who Are You?: Natalie Hope
Where Are You?: a fifth floor on Broad Street, Philadelphia
What Are You?: a writer who paints.
What do you make?: impressions.
What do you love?: the churps and whirrs of life. sometimes there is a too-subtle difference between love and hate to tell for sure, so i have adopted the idea of loving the very idea of being overwhelmed. in it's way, it's art.
What do you hate?: same thing.
What do you listen to?: sirens. i listen to sirens often. it's true what they write about the city. but to go along, i listen to blue train a lot. it marries the time here well.
What do you watch?: people mostly.
What do you drink?: vodka :)
What do you smoke?: i gave up cigars. is that an answer?
What do you take?: time. but it mostly takes me.
What do you believe in?: the rain. a jack kerouac book. and a beer with good friends.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: driving with headaches, the high school kind of headaches. i was onstage a lot back then. the more i didn't fit in somehow, the more i wanted to be seen. i also wanted to say "fuck" in front of an audience of catholic school peers. it was good when something as basic as that could mean something.
What were you?: a dreamer who was endanger of becoming a cynic. now i'm a cynic who sometimes dreams. i guess it took.
What did you wear?: it was the 80s, but i was very basic. i didn't have lace gloves or anything like that. but sister maryanne (a nun teacher who looks mysteriously live Elvis) often gave me detention for being out of dress code. the conservative catholic education really can't be mentioned enough. it gives us all something to rebel against.
What did you listen to?: my parents (more often than one would think). pop music they played at dances in the gym. and showtunes (my mother injected Andrew Llyoyd Webber into the embryotic fluid). That and Copacabana. Something's don't change.
What did you watch?: People. Mostly famous people. I watched and took notes.
What did you love?: The idea of not ever having to be 16 again.
What did you hate?: High School. How typical.
What did you drink?: Not vodka.
What did you smoke?: Cigars at the prom with boys named Robert and Eddie.
What did you take?: Bad grades home and lots of Tylenol.
What did you want to be?: Known.
Who did you fight?: Myself. I still do.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in the odds.
Where did you go?: Home. I painted in my room at night because I didn't like the people I was supposed to like. I also didn't like my hair.
What did you learn?: That college was better.