Who Are You?: Nicky
Where Are You?: I wish I knew.
What Are You?: Lost!
What do you make?: Mistakes.
What do you love?: Bill Hicks, music, Terry Jones.
What do you hate?: Work.
What do you listen to?: Bad advice, The Clash, Nick Cave, Scott Walker, Microdisney, Cathal Coughlan.
What do you watch?: The clock, predictably. Also life passing me by.
What do you drink?: Tea.
What do you smoke?: Nowt.
What do you take?: Too much crap.
What do you believe in?: That one day I will be where I want to be.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In my bedroom, in bed.
What were you?: Messed up.
What did you wear?: Pyjamas.
What did you listen to?: Manics, Smiths, Nirvana, Joy Division.
What did you watch?: My navel, too much Richard and Judy (I didn't go to school much, you see).
What did you love?: Richey, shouting, writing supposedly deep and insightful observations down in my little journal.
What did you hate?: Myself, and everyone who was 16 and having a good time.
What did you drink?: Tea.
What did you smoke?: I passively smoked Benson & Hedges. Mmmmm.
What did you take?: Prozac, Valium.
What did you want to be?: Dead.
Who did you fight?: My dad.
Who/What did you believe in?: No-one and nothing.
Where did you go?: Apart from bed, I went to the living room, and then back to bed.
What did you learn?: That being in bed is great, but staying there for long periods of time is not very good for your social life.