Who Are You?: your worst nightmare
Where Are You?: in your head, or am i?
What Are You?: a buddist
What do you make?: vodoo dolls
What do you love?: mince pies
What do you hate?: I HATE TONY BLAIR
What do you listen to?: the sound of cats scratching against the windows, in then rain, when i lock them out there.... its character building you know
What do you watch?: the flies dancing accross my computer screen
What do you drink?: only double vodka and mountin dew and absinth
What do you smoke?: weeds... dandlions
What do you take?: the school bus
What do you believe in?: pixies

When We Were 16

Where were you?: the south of france, a town called Orange
What were you?: a gothic Onion
What did you wear?: a fig leaf
What did you listen to?: Janet Jackson
What did you watch?: FRAGLE ROCK
What did you love?:
What did you hate?: i hate Llonal Blair
What did you drink?: RIBENA
What did you smoke?: Salmon
What did you take?: wayyy too much literiture
What did you want to be?: a gay porn star
Who did you fight?: small time gay porn stars, to get to the top!
Who/What did you believe in?: Santa Claus
Where did you go?: over there!
What did you learn?: fuck all