Who Are You?: nobody
Where Are You?: nowhere
What Are You?: a nothing
What do you make?: chairs
What do you love?: tables
What do you hate?: cats
What do you listen to?: pete whingfield
What do you watch?: the priory
What do you drink?: chilli vodka
What do you smoke?: lambert and butler
What do you take?: baccy bongs
What do you believe in?: tony blair

When We Were 16

Where were you?: somewhere
What were you?: something
What did you wear?: thin tie
What did you listen to?: "big log" (robert plant)
What did you watch?: cagney+lacey
What did you love?: winklepickers
What did you hate?: clogs
What did you drink?: quatro
What did you smoke?: lambert and butler
What did you take?: baccy buckets
What did you want to be?: prime minister
Who did you fight?: communists
Who/What did you believe in?: goebbels/thatcher/nixon
Where did you go?: dorset
What did you learn?: dont join the police force