Who Are You?: if only i knew.
Where Are You?: australia. but i'm leaving for summer holidays in 2 days. yay.
What Are You?: a figment of cyber nihility.
What do you make?: oh, y'know... STUFF.
What do you love?: sleeping. rain. waking up to the sound of rain. the river. my discman. my puppy. er... stuffed animals. What do you hate?: i just spilt ink all over the carpet. i hate that. now.
What do you listen to?: pop music, there's no other way...
What do you watch?: an inordinate amount of films and tv... my excuse is that i study those 2 things.
What do you drink?: water. do you?
What do you smoke?: whatever other people smoke. i'm a social smoker you see.
What do you take?: my parents' money. hee.
What do you believe in?: technicolour tv.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: some girls' school. bleagh.
What were you?: a manic depressive.
What did you wear?: a fucking pinafore.
What did you listen to?: nirvana. how cliched!
What did you watch?: an inordinate amount of films and tv.
What did you love?: kurt cobain. how cliched.
What did you hate?: happy people.
What did you drink?: water.
What did you smoke?: nothing.
What did you take?: my parents' money.
What did you want to be?: happy.
Who did you fight?: my parents, my brother, my teachers. i was a cliched teen!
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing. probably kurt cobain. gee.
Where did you go?: nowhere. i stayed in my room and sulked.
What did you learn?: the periodic table.