Someone other then myself

Who Are You?: Someone other then myself
Where Are You?: In my basement, logged onto my life
What Are You?: I am everything i do not want to be
What do you make?: Anything lacking a lot of work
What do you love?: Lack of responsibility
What do you hate?: The way milk sticks to the sides of a clear glass
What do you listen to?: Music, and anything anyone has to say
What do you watch?: My computer screen mostly
What do you drink?: Fruit drinsks and forms of pop/soda
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: nothing
What do you believe in?: Myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: North Dakota
What were you?: an ignorant fool
What did you wear?: what was inexpensive and easy to obtain
What did you listen to?: Techno
What did you watch?: not a whole lot
What did you love?: myself
What did you hate?: myself
What did you drink?: nothing
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: some dealing with physicis
Who did you fight?: myself
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing
Where did you go?: nowhere
What did you learn?: i really dont know yet