Who Are You?: Philip
Where Are You?: Atlanta
What Are You?: I try. with limited success, to be human.
What do you make?: friends, facetious remarks
What do you love?: Laughing, Flirting andWeeping over the tragedy of it all, without actually having to grieve.
What do you hate?: Actually having to grieve.
What do you listen to?: Bob Dylan, Eliot Smith, Belle & Sebastian...
What do you watch?: feelies
What do you drink?: Dark Beer, Scotch
What do you smoke?: Camels, very occasionally
What do you take?: Aspirin
What do you believe in?: Caring for people just as if it mattered

When We Were 16

Where were you?: High School in South Carolina
What were you?: A Christian
What did you wear?: A big blue Fingerhut coat
What did you listen to?: Popular Music
What did you watch?: Taxi
What did you love?: Laughing with friends
What did you hate?: Loving so awkwardly
What did you drink?: Co-cola
What did you smoke?: I was too cautious
What did you take?: Aspirin
What did you want to be?: liked
Who did you fight?: I didn't fight so much as cower.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed that Jesus was tragic on our behalf, and that He could afford to be.
Where did you go?: walking for hours in the woods, in the snow with my dog
What did you learn?: I learned how to drive a car that year