Who Are You?: pierre
Where Are You?: london
What Are You?: french
What do you make?: discourses
What do you love?: long days
What do you hate?: the tube
What do you listen to?: joephine baker
What do you watch?: art
What do you drink?: pernod
What do you smoke?: stopped 5 days ago
What do you take?: cash
What do you believe in?: everything

When We Were 16

Where were you?: france
What were you?: schoolboy
What did you wear?: corduroy
What did you listen to?: beethoven
What did you watch?: TV series
What did you love?: long days
What did you hate?: the passing of time
What did you drink?: red wine
What did you smoke?: gauloises
What did you take?: hayfever tablets
What did you want to be?: journalist
Who did you fight?: no one
Who/What did you believe in?: god and progress
Where did you go?: away
What did you learn?: nothing