Mr psycho

Who Are You?: Mr psycho
Where Are You?: Manchester University
What Are You?: Full time slacker.
What do you make?: A total and utter mess of my life
What do you love?: Miranda. Three cheese pizza. Records close to my heart.
What do you hate?: Palmer and Urey. The Daily Mail.
What do you listen to?: Indie rock with special regard to post punk and post hardcore. And the Pet Shop Boys. How could I ever forget the Pet Shop Boys?
What do you watch?: Daria. Far too much news. Endless hours of M2. The walls when I can't be arsed getting out of bed.
What do you drink?: Frightening levels of caffeine. Frightening levels of alocohol and the odd milkshake.
What do you smoke?: Other peoples spliffs.
What do you take?: The 143 bus to Piccadilly.
What do you believe in?: I believe in nothing but it is my nothing. God thats the ultimate floppy fringe indie whiner cliche answer to that question. My own existence?

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Suburban Hell.
What were you?: Wanna be punker. Pathetic.
What did you wear?: Jeans. T-Shirts.
What did you listen to?: Sex pistols. Pet shop Boys. New Order. Kraftwerk.
What did you watch?: Shelley. Garfield and Friends. Daytime TV.
What did you love?: Mario Kart. My life was kinda empty back then.
What did you hate?: Myself. Pinder the Drama teacher from Hell.
What did you drink?: Coca Cola. Nescafe. Exciting, huh?
What did you smoke?: Absolutely sod all.
What did you take?: The piss.
What did you want to be?: Immensely rich. Out of school. No longer a virgin.
Who did you fight?: My inner demons. My sisters. My dad. Mr Pinder my shithead drama teacher.
Who/What did you believe in?: Myself. The spirit of punk rock.
Where did you go?: Robs house. The woods. Out of the house (occasionally).
What did you learn?: Microwave chips taste better dowsed in ketchup.