Stephen G. Rhodes

Who Are You?: Stephen G. Rhodes
Where Are You?: The devestated urban wasteland of Teesside
What Are You?: Train Driver
What do you make?: Not enough
What do you love?: Boro and cycling
What do you hate?: Impatientence Road Ragers Work
What do you listen to?: Blues
What do you watch?: Eurosport in July Seinfeld Fast Show
What do you drink?: Volvic Caffreys
What do you smoke?: I smoke passively
What do you take?: Vitamins Salbutamol Creatine
What do you believe in?: Aliens from Outer Space

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Teesside
What were you?: Unfit Uneducated Unemployed
What did you wear?: A Boiler suit so that I looked like a worker
What did you listen to?: Punk rock
What did you watch?: The Clangers
What did you love?: Boro
What did you hate?: Tories Motorists
What did you drink?: Tap Water
What did you smoke?: Nothing
What did you take?: Nothing
What did you want to be?: A Racing Cyclist
Who did you fight?: Nobody
Who/What did you believe in?: Socialism
Where did you go?: Everywhere in cycling range
What did you learn?: Always carry spare inner tubes