Who Are You?: Richard
Where Are You?: London, again
What Are You?: Thirty
What do you make?: Memories
What do you love?: Magic
What do you hate?: Habit
What do you listen to?: Scott 2
What do you watch?: School For Scoundrels
What do you drink?: Tea
What do you smoke?: Lots
What do you take?: Care
What do you believe in?: A lady

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Brighton
What were you?: Keen, awkward, awestruck
What did you wear?: chelsea boots
What did you listen to?: the GoBetweens
What did you watch?: Billy Liar
What did you love?: Angela C R Dickson
What did you hate?: The sound of the postman and the empty mat
What did you drink?: Green Ginger Wine, Snakebite
What did you smoke?: My first jazz cigarette
What did you take?: No heed, no heed at all
What did you want to be?: well-dressed
Who did you fight?: The man
Who/What did you believe in?: Leonard Cohen
Where did you go?: The Sunshine Playroom
What did you learn?: How to fake it and where to buy shoes.