Who Are You?: robin
Where Are You?: fargo
What Are You?: shemale
What do you make?: 'art'
What do you love?: sunshine, musical instruments, any kind, all kinds, honesty
What do you hate?: rasberry seeds
What do you listen to?: Belle and Sebastian mostly, passing trains
What do you watch?: a movie maybe once a month
What do you drink?: water mostly
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: pictures
What do you believe in?: God, and that the truth is out there...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Mitchell, Home of the world's only corn palace
What were you?: sophomore, I think, dramatic back then
What did you wear?: girlish feminine frilly silky stuff
What did you listen to?: soundtracks
What did you watch?: my so called life
What did you love?: friends, music, theatre, art,self expression
What did you hate?: being in a small town
What did you drink?: rootbeer
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: toilet paper from restaurants to trash friend's car with
What did you want to be?: in the spotlight
Who did you fight?: my mom who wanted me to be something else
Who/What did you believe in?: god, power of love
Where did you go?: not far enough
What did you learn?: to live honestly and openly and have no regrets