Who Are You?: Roosy
Where Are You?: In Exeter, at work, in the corner where no one can see me typing...
What Are You?: Jewish
What do you make?: Big pastrami sandwiches and a not bad shakshuka.
What do you love?: My family, Anna, Pop (our cat), Torquay United, my friends, anyone else who knows me, big noisy diesel engines, hot weather, rain, good sounds, eating, having baths, seeing successful people fall on their big stupid arses, sex, doing sweet FA.
What do you hate?: The unrighteous and their wicked deeds may their souls be damned!
What do you listen to?: Oooh, I'm so post-modern and clever! The Fall-ah!, God Is My Co-Pilot, old ska and reggae, Beat Happening, Celia Cruz, Headcoats/Mummies/Estrus garage type cack, whimpy old jingly jangly nonsense, The Venga Boys, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Felt, Motown, Beastie Boys, B&S, old Stereolab, 'I Am The Law', Discharge and many, many more. I don't know if this makes me clever or stupid.
What do you watch?: The weather, Top of the Pops, Westcountry Weekend Match, and pissed-up townies throwing half-eaten kebabs all over the place mainly outside our front door, the pig-shit ignorant fuckers!
What do you drink?: Anything alcoholic except Raki, Ouzo, Pernod etc. What kind of weirdo actually likes aniseed? Lots of flatulent real ale goo and coffee. I hate those fruit teas, they make me feel sick.
What do you smoke?: Golden Virginia. Used to smoke pot but that shit's for wasters, man.....
What do you take?: Anything pocket-sized.
What do you believe in?: Torquay's promotion prospects this season.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Paignton or on a train somewhere.
What were you?: Fat, ugly and smelly and very proud of it too.
What did you wear?: White baseball boots cos I thought I'd look like the Ramones, donkey jackets (any US readers: these are not actually made out of donkeys), and a Soup Dragons 'Head Gone Astray' t-shirt that I really loved, idiot that I was.
What did you listen to?: The Fall-ah!, cheesy old punk bands, old apocalyptic reggae, The Smiths, Billy Bragg and all those C86 bands, especially Bogshed, who I still think are brilliant. Fine rasping notes of a Sulzer 8LDA engine as often as possible.
What did you watch?: The 08.20 Brighton-Plymouth on a Saturday you could never tell if it might be pair.
What did you love?: Eating too many pasties and not washing. Getting into arguments.
What did you hate?: Virtually everything.
What did you drink?: Milk.
What did you smoke?: Old Holborn in them days.
What did you take?: Anything not screwed down.
What did you want to be?: Errrr..... a worker on a Soviet collective farm.
Who did you fight?: Torquay Grammar School and everything it stood for.
Who/What did you believe in?: Communism.
Where did you go?: Exeter, Plymouth, Taunton, Bristol, Cornwall mainly. Sometimes London, South Coast, Cardiff and Swansea, West Midlands.
What did you learn?: That people who disagree with me do not neccesarily deserve to die.