A graphic designer, having fun

Who Are You?: A graphic designer, having fun.
Where Are You?: in a dark room in West London, surrounded by expensive technology and no windows. No balcony view of Monte Carlo... Cool stuff tho.
What Are You?: A yorkshire bloke lost in my 30's somewhere.. Still in London.
What do you make?: flashy computer graphics for a childrens programme!
What do you love?: WORK! Creating something very new, very fast.
What do you hate?: Moaners. Complacency. People who fuck up their thinking with drugs, and stink of cigs. Defeatists. People who put people down instead of bigging them UP
What do you listen to?: EVERYTHING! Wagner to the Wu Tang Clan. Birds singing. Shepherd's Bush police sirens. My boss. Beautiful women with strong opinions.
What do you watch?: PEOPLE. Groovy arn't they!
What do you drink?: THat gorgeous Parmalat Sicilian orange juice, Brazilian coffee (fresh ground) Jameson whiskey. Snow.
What do you smoke?: Smoke is pollution. I like air too much...
What do you take?: everything for granted (but Nothing goes to waste.) Good advice. Drugs are for unhappy, boring, sheep. Get a real life.
What do you believe in?: Karma. Inevitability. If you do the right thing with energy, respect, style and commitment you end up HAPPY.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a tent in Arran, Scotland with two mates. Larging It.
What were you?: A brand new Punk Rocker
What did you wear?: Peg jeans from Millets, clothiers to the rural punk, Imitation leather jacket, baseball sneakers, loads of Ba-ad badges!!!
What did you listen to?: Year zero punk. "No elvis beatles or rolling stones ." All on tape, because nothing was getting on the radio and we all had no money anyway.
What did you watch?: No telly! Seriously amateur other 16yr olds in bad clubs, usually working mens clubs. Our backs!
What did you love?: Music. books. outdoors. the urban black thing that was the opposite of a rough all-white mining village in south yorkshire. Bob Marley!
What did you hate?: Old blokes. Moaners. (nothing new there then...)
What did you drink?: cheap cider. Cresta (It was frothy, man!)
What did you smoke?: fresh air. Bonfires.
What did you take?: The world! Still got it!
What did you want to be?: doing my own thing. Big stylish notorious thing. A sex god. got that too!
Who did you fight?: Didnt need to fight. A smile and a bit of cheek got me everywhere.
Who/What did you believe in?: Emma Goldman's Anarchy. Ghandis non-violence. Johnny Rotten's Gob. Ralph Steadmans cartoons.
Where did you go?: OUT!
What did you learn?: That life was easy. Books were cool. Fender Precision Basses were awesome. Record sleeves were my thing and no one could stop me.