sarah @ sinister

Where are you? In Warton, a tiny little village full of middle mangement

What are you? - a pretty strange untrendy dude who goes to college and listens to Pop tunes...

What do you make? - a very brilliant fanzine called FEATHER BOAS & NAPALM (merely one pound and A5 SAE), lovely websites with some writings on them, superbly crafted essays for nasty tutors, and a helluva racket when i want to!

What do you love? - "I don't love anyone" and as for things "one can be just as attached to futilities as to anything else" - so Pop music, Limited edition flavoured choclate bars, and singing badly. I supose some nice friends may help as well.

What do you hate? - trendy dudes who make other peoples lives hell, label freaks, a government who decide that education isn't good, Ocean Duller Scene, people with no inspiration about anything, vacancy, and the real world, to name a few.

What do you listen to? - I listen to money is very sad :) apart from Philip Larkins little quote, i like listening to the Manics, Dexys, Belle and Sebastian, Super Furry Animals, Gorkys Zygotic Mynci and John Shuttleworth. Also Radio 4 and the dulect tones of Mark Radclife on 1FM. Jazz Fm and also Red Rose Gold, just for Lionel Vinyl.

What do you watch? - Friday Night Armistice, the Young Ones, Brass Eye, the sky.

What do you drink? - orange juice, Caffreys (lovely caffreys), various spirits of choice, vodka being a popular fave, hot choclate mixed with coffee which saves you buying 'coffee chocolate' (???) and water.

What do you smoke? Nothing.

What do you take? asprin and inspirational advice (occasionally) .

What do you believe in? Pop music, RAWK! "it is as easy to be attached to trivialities as anything else" words and pictures, and that I cannot fly off the top of Godzilla, because he doesn't exist. .

  • When We were 6.

  • Where were you? at my primary school. in Infant 2 according to my calculations which sounds a bit wrong. Still in Warton. *sigh*

    What were you? a shy little kid in pigtails who was just starting a new primary school, with a slight scottish accent that dissappeared after a day.

    What did you wear? school uniform mostly. grey skirt and cardy, red tie, blue blouse in winter, a blue and white checked dress in summer. .

    What did you listen to? Radio 4. (my mum was an Archers fan.)

    What did you watch? I didn't.

    What did you love? I expect it was Snoopy. Some things never change.

    What did you hate? oh how sweet, i don't think I hated anything.

    What did you drink? orange squash and cartons of Five Alive and Ribena.

    What did you smoke? now c'mon!

    What did you take? no advice ever.

    What did you want to be? Professional Hockey Player.

    Who did you fight? a boy in the clas above me called Matthew. I kicked him in the goolies without knowing what was there and he was frightened of me way into high school.

    Who/What did you believe in? i didn't believe in anything. that i would get up in the morning and go to school. i can't remeber weekends.

    Where did you go? to school. nowhere else of my own accord.

    What did you learn? nothing of worth. i was happy at primary school and when i was 6.