Who Are You?: scott.turner
Where Are You?: sitting in an empty office in philadelphia on a friday evening, playing over and over the Junior Varsity remix of "Black Forest" by Takako Minekawa, feeling all my thoughts angle off left, repositioning, like some montage disjoined from the sound.
What Are You?: A designer
What do you make?: sadness beautiful
What do you love?: october, and all the burning mania and obsession it brings. i also love maki, my girlfriend.
What do you hate?: november. when mania has outlived its welcome. philadelphia.
What do you listen to?: the funk in any form, but mostly indie-pop, electro-pop and afro-cuban.
What do you watch?: leaves and water
What do you drink?: anything
What do you smoke?: joints preferably
What do you take?: most things too seriously
What do you believe in?: gentleness

When We Were 16

Where were you?: the northshore of long island
What were you?: a manic-depressive feeling only extremeties and not understanding people who didn't
What did you wear?: colors
What did you listen to?: anything i could get my hands on that wasn't popular- which usually meant crap like marillion and old genesis.
What did you watch?: My obsessions fall through my grasp like sand through my fingers.
What did you love?: being alone
What did you hate?: being alone
What did you drink?: cheap beer
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: everything to heart
What did you want to be?: a musician
Who did you fight?: people who picked on me. and people who i picked on.
Who/What did you believe in?: that one day someone would love me back
Where did you go?: to richmond virginia and then philadelphia to study philosophy and art
What did you learn?: everything and nothing