Who Are You?: Sean
Where Are You?: Charlotte, NC
What Are You?: just a guy
What do you make?: decent grades : )
What do you love?: my ex
What do you hate?: slow mail/Fed-Ex
What do you listen to?: 95.7
What do you watch?: lots.
What do you drink?: Henekein
What do you smoke?: Marlboro Mediums, Lights, and 100s.
What do you take?: Prozac.
What do you believe in?: Me, on and off.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Still here!
What were you?: A stuffed shirt.
What did you wear?: See above.
What did you listen to?: Nothing.
What did you watch?: Everything.
What did you love?: Myself.
What did you hate?: Being ignored.
What did you drink?: Heineken. See a pattern? : )
What did you smoke?: Whatever I could get my hands on.
What did you take?: Nuttin'.
What did you want to be?: Mr. Olympia
Who did you fight?: Only 3 guys.
Who/What did you believe in?: Me, more than ever.
Where did you go?: To the beach--had a great time.
What did you learn?: Life's too short to be an asshole.