Shaw Hubbard@bu

Where are you? in the cs lab at school .

What are you? a linguistics student at BU

What do you make? a lot of tea

What do you love? car radios, all-nite convenience stores, my stuffed platypus, coca-cola, long-distance phone calls and manchester united.

What do you hate? organized religion and conservative politics. also this keyboard with its stiff spacebar!

What do you listen to? ani difranco, the indigo girls, blur and pulp.

What do you watch? almost anything in syndication except family matters. friends & ER of course. a lot of films.

What do you drink?earl grey, cranapple juice, coke, ipa.

What do you smoke? a little pot, the occasional cigarette; lights and NEVER Luckies.

What do you take? calcium.

What do you believe in? the unending love and support of my family.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? E. Walpole, MA.

    What were you? a junior in high school.

    What did you wear? oldschool VAns and a toggle coat.

    What did you listen to? meatloaf, madonna, TMBG, steve miller and the clash.

    What did you watch? MTV.

    What did you love? a boy who walked all over me.

    What did you hate? that same boy.

    What did you drink? miller genuine draft and a lot of coke.

    What did you smoke? nothing.

    What did you take? too much shit from that boy.

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight? my evil friends and my very patient mother.

    Who/What did you believe in? very very little.

    Where did you go? to keg parties in the woods behind the school.

    What did you learn?that in the final analysis you have only yourself, and if you're lucky, your family.

    November 1996.