shaw wheeler

Who Are You?: Shaw Wheeler.

Where Are You?: Manhattan.

What Are You?: Sad.

What do you make?: Sense, occasionally.

What do you love?: Cheeseburgers and orange soda.

What do you hate?: Fear.

What do you listen to?: My conscience. Too often.

What do you watch?: SportsNight and soccer.

What do you drink?: Tea, beer and red Gatorade.

What do you smoke?: Nothing, sadly.

What do you take?: Advil, allergy medicine and vitamin C.

What do you believe in?: The power of laughter.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: East Walpole, Massachusetts.

What were you?: Optimistic and not very sure of who I was.

What did you wear?: Oh it's too embarassing.

What did you listen to?: Sinead O'Connor and the Clash.

What did you watch?: My friends acting like morons.

What did you love?: Neil Shea.

What did you hate?: Neil Shea.

What did you drink?: Purple Passion and any old crappy beer.

What did you smoke?: Nothing, sadly.

What did you take?: Too much shit from Neil Shea.

What did you want to be?: Far away from East Walpole.

Who did you fight?: Neil Shea.

Who/What did you believe in?: My dad.

Where did you go?: the Gulf station and the woods.

What did you learn?: That 16 year olds might know the difference between right and wrong but they're not much interested in acknowledging it.