Sheila, taking a bow

Who Are You?: Sheila, taking a bow
Where Are You?: Leeds
What Are You?: Tired, but quietly happy.
What do you make?: Mess; timelines with bits of string
What do you love?: Andrew David Chippindale. Only he doesn't know, and I can't tell him, can I?
What do you hate?: Grated cheese.
What do you listen to?: The Smiths, Violent Femmes, The Associates, Billy Bragg...and lots of stuff far more up to date, but my memory seems to be failing me. Noel Coward, this morning.
What do you watch?: Neighbours.
What do you drink?: Sainsbury's high juice reduced sugar orange squash. Reverting to childhood, I think, when everyone else got to drink fizzy pop, except those of us whose parents made lentil rissoles and went to endless Labour Party meetings.
What do you smoke?: Nothing.
What do you take?: Salbutamol. Caffeine.
What do you believe in?: Socialism. The importance of always carrying an umbrella.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Thinking back, probably in a bubble in outer space. But ostensibly Farnham.
What were you?: Irritating, irritable, irrational, generally a loathesome, self-loathing adolescent.
What did you wear?: Ugly cardigans and ridiculously long hair. Things to hide in/behind.
What did you listen to?: Hole, the Manics, Suede, The Smiths...blah blah blah...
What did you watch?: My So-Called Life
What did you love?: Anna Jones, and it didn't do any good anyway.
What did you hate?: Pretty much everything else.
What did you drink?: Vodka and nasty cheap cider, like everyone else, ever, ever.
What did you smoke?: Marlboro.
What did you take?: Tedious adolescent-style recreational drugs.
What did you want to be?: Anyone else. But nobody I knew.
Who did you fight?: People who I liked, on the whole. Especially the ones who were lovely to me.
Who/What did you believe in?: Socialism. But with a slightly more militant streak, and combined with an intense dislike of other people, which made it somewhat unorthodox.
Where did you go?: To terrible parties at public schoolboys' houses, where I could argue with someone within the first five minutes and be passed out in the toilet within ten, somewhat undermining claims to the social/friend-making aspects of a state education.
What did you learn?: Nothing, for the next two years. Which was entirely my own fault.