Who Are You?: simon
Where Are You?: work.montreal.quebec.canada.northamerica.earth.
What Are You?: human being.
What do you make?: nothing in particular. i roll nice joints.
What do you love?: rockunroll.
What do you hate?: hate directed toward insignificant threats
What do you listen to?: the whole deal. from aaliyah to einstuerzende neubauten, with bits of saint-saens, bashung, john cale, NYDolls, otis redding and autechre in between.
What do you watch?: on tv? F1 Races. No cable means no tv. i rent films...
What do you drink?: NestléQuik.
What do you smoke?: Gauloises Blondes. Ganja. Café Creme cigarillos.
What do you take?: Showers. Occasionally.
What do you believe in?: Not much really. Sad innit.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school.
What were you?: Student. In love.
What did you wear?: black jeans.
What did you listen to?: the cure
What did you watch?: BH9....
What did you love?: fuck all
What did you hate?: everything else
What did you drink?: NestléQuik
What did you smoke?: Marlboro Red, ganja
What did you take?: the bus
What did you want to be?: indie rock star
Who did you fight?: Nobody. Not even my parents...
Who/What did you believe in?: Myself
Where did you go?: new york city
What did you learn?: it's not as dangerous as i thought it was