Who Are You?:
Where Are You?: In my youngest brother's room spending inordinate amount of time wasting my life in hypertext hell
What Are You?: human, I suppose
What do you make?: noise, obnoxious gas, blatant observations, bad poems, even worse fiction, the occasional vocalization, clicking keys, googly eyes, bad advice, police records, dreams
What do you love?: literature, music, beauty, Blake, crickets, pussies, women, vino, veritas, autoeroticism, walks, Nietzsche, "classic anarchy," family, dope, dreams
What do you hate?: ignorance, television, newspapers, biblethumpers, smack addicts, music and literary criticism, business majors, women, teenagers, automobiles, america
What do you listen to?: Usually loud television as the familia likes the tube, music from Beethoven to R. Johnson, Coltrane to Wu-Tang
What do you watch?: my toes, movies at the theatre, on the tube, my cat, the stars, dreams
What do you drink?: Dr. Pepper, water, known to have various periods of alchol abuse usually focusing on one type of liquor until arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct, then back to Dr. Pepper water, milk
What do you smoke?: Grass, Camel lights, sometimes roll my own with Jester
What do you take?: Vitamins, herbal madness, doses of LSD or other hallucinogens, occasional anti-psychotic for bad moments, diazepam, benzodiapenes, hypnotics, amphetamines, caffeine
What do you believe in?: Better living through chemistry

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Oklahoma magnet school for science and mathematics
What were you?: a teenage rebel
What did you wear?: jeans and T-shirts
What did you listen to?: popular music
What did you watch?: watched out for teachers who were out to get me and my chums for smoking cigarettes
What did you love?: East Indian girls (completely futile)
What did you hate?: Authority
What did you drink?: just experimenting with alcohol, pretty much anything
What did you smoke?: Camel filters Hard-pack
What did you take?: Food from the cafeteria
What did you want to be?: Theoretical physicist
Who did you fight?: nobody really
Who/What did you believe in?: mathematics
Where did you go?: nowhere fast
What did you learn?: That I am truly ignorant