Who Are You?: A small woman in a tall man's world trying to make enough money to move out of Chinatown.

Where Are You?: Evil evil New York City.

What Are You?: Overeducated, underpaid and undernourished. Wondering when I will next see the ocean.

What do you make?: Passes at the mailboy.

What do you love?: Peaches. Beaches. Pints.

What do you hate?: The Dow Jones Industrial Average.

What do you listen to?: Traffic noises, Belle & Sebastian, CCR, the verve, my father.

What do you watch?: The WB. People. The clock.

What do you drink?: Gin & Tonics, PBR in a can, Diet Dr. Pepper for dessert.

What do you smoke?: Extrem glissage Gauloises in a 30-pack. (at the moment)

What do you take?: Very little shit.

What do you believe in?: THat there is more to life than this.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Wisconsin.

What were you?: Too smart for my own good.

What did you wear?: Baggy jeans and spandex. (shush)

What did you listen to?: My father.

What did you watch?: Cosby.

What did you love?: My hair.

What did you hate?: My life.

What did you drink?: Full caloried Dr. Pepper.

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: Even less shit/

What did you want to be?: Out of Wisconsin.

Who did you fight?: Shauna Elerson hit me over the head with a wrench. Is that a fight?

Who/What did you believe in?: I believed that life had to get better than this.

Where did you go?: To lake Michigan at night.

What did you learn?: Multivariable calculus. See where it got me?