Who Are You?: Soozy
Where Are You?: At work, near to Blackfriars station, London
What Are You?: a 21-year-old female with not enough work to do
What do you make?: fantastic lasagne
What do you love?: my friends, my boyfriend, acting, singing (though preferably when there's noone else in the house), sitting under a tree on a hot day
What do you hate?: arguments, boredom, the effects of contraceptive pills on my mental stability
What do you listen to?: Almost everything in my CD collection. Most played at the moment is a double CD of Motown hits that I nicked from my mother.
What do you watch?: Very little... TV tends to be a background noise thing. The only thing I'd bother videoing at the moment is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
What do you drink?: Sainsbury's Apple High-Juice
What do you smoke?: When sober: nothing When drunk: whatever's on offer
What do you take?: In the last month: penicillin, erythromycin, cephradine and (i think) metronidazole.
What do you believe in?: the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in bacterial populations.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: St Albans Girls School aka STAGS/SLAGS/The Whorehouse on the Hill
What were you?: Irritating. A stroppy sixth-former far too full of her own brilliance.
What did you wear?: Jeans and random baggy tops.
What did you listen to?: Whatever the NME told me I should listen to.
What did you watch?: A friend's boyfriend.
What did you love?: my friends, my parents, my cat, my CD collection
What did you hate?: Nothing important enough to remember
What did you drink?: Scrumpy Jack
What did you smoke?: Nothing.
What did you take?: Exams.
What did you want to be?: A student
Who did you fight?: Nobody. I just occassionally glared at people I didn't like from a safe distance.
Who/What did you believe in?: My biology teachers.
Where did you go?: Any pub that would accept a dodgily-doctored photocopy of a passport as ID.
What did you learn?: That I would never make a career in forgery.