Who Are You?: Mathilde Sphinx
Where Are You?: On a sport obsessed island in the southern seas
What Are You?: an attitude
What do you make?: cats love me..cocktails..mistakes..tapes no one will listen to..blogs no one will read..very bad meals..very good sweets..snappy conversation
What do you love?: cats..cocktails..gigs..sounds of seduction..dancing..chit chatting..coats..stockings..kitten heels..people who can cook..yoshitomo nara..giving my opinion..hefner..miso soup
What do you hate?: conformity..narrow minds..avocado..white shoes..boat shoes..platform shoes..people who eat loudly
What do you listen to?: hefner..scott walker..magnetic fields..pixies..Dusty..b(if)tek..anything clan analogue..my friends..B&S..sodastream
What do you watch?: other people..bette davis films..the fat..the panel..not much really
What do you drink?: red wine..champagne..Jasmines at the Lansdowne..gin..voddy..brandy
What do you smoke?: zilch..I'm reformed, though the cancer stick of choice was always B&H
What do you take?: depends on the occasion
What do you believe in?: very little

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In the burbs on the same island
What were you?: slightly deluded
What did you wear?: clumpy red docs..jeans..market gear
What did you listen to?: you am i..spiderbait..custard..smudge..snout..regurgitator..magic dirt..I was the aussie indie kid from hell
What did you watch?: 90210..monkey magic..rage
What did you love?: Jorge..smoking..my friends..under-age gigs
What did you hate?: homies..my sister..avocado (it's a constant)
What did you drink?: gin
What did you smoke?: B&H
What did you take?:
What did you want to be?: lots of things..at one stage a university lecturer *BAHAHA*
Who did you fight?:
Who/What did you believe in?:
Where did you go?: The Metro..glebe markets..newtown
What did you learn?: who can say..