Who Are You?: the starsailor!

Where Are You?: Leicester University in a tall building

What Are You?: politics student and part time coffee maker

What do you make?: essays and drum noises

What do you love?: felt, belle and sebastian, power balls, round heads, crystal palace, dick the bear, KIM, pointy chelsea boots, sleeping, london, stuff.

What do you hate?: presentations

What do you listen to?: belle and sebastian, anything by rob wratten, freed unit, felt, UVS, Aloof,John Sims, godspeed you black emporer!

What do you watch?: Ceefax, mostly

What do you drink?: Double gin and tonic! (with ice)

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: the first 4 felt albums, daily

What do you believe in?: The same, only less than I used to.

When We Were 16 Where were you?: Banbury School

What were you?: a pupil

What did you wear?: tight black jeans and back combed hair

What did you listen to?: cure, smiths, cocteaus, JAMC, Loop, Biff Bang Pow!, Spacemen 3.

What did you watch?: Godzilla

What did you love?: Sarah Capel

What did you hate?: Maths

What did you drink?: Cider

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: Paracetamol

What did you want to be?: Happy

Who did you fight?: I could run fast

Who/What did you believe in?: Morrissey

Where did you go?: Anywhere that wasn't Banbury town centre

What did you learn?: dont trust yer parents