Who Are You?: The one you notice on the streets, but never speak to
Where Are You?: At home
What Are You?: Good looking
What do you make?: Love and everybody happy
What do you love?: Music and something called sex. Coffee & Tv. Gay people.
What do you hate?: Limp Bizkit and everything that's trying to make me look stupid. Like this...
What do you listen to?: Everything that comes close to my ear. Mostly Glamrock and some rock sounding tunes.
What do you watch?: Tv. The Royle familly and Eastenders. Who wants to be a millionaire and Mtv|2. Now and then I ever watch people just hanging round my favourite café.
What do you drink?: Gin & Tonic, Bloody Mary and Champagne.
What do you smoke?: Marlboro lights and some greene stuff.
What do you take?: breaks.
What do you believe in?: attraction, not love. Santa claus & the easter bunny. Freddy Kreuger.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at home
What were you?: Good looking
What did you wear?: Clothes, that I thought looked good.
What did you listen to?: Music, mostly heavy rock & pop
What did you watch?: My hair grow.
What did you love?: My hair
What did you hate?: the color of my hair
What did you drink?: hot chocolat and beer
What did you smoke?: Everything, mostly chocolatcigarettes
What did you take?: breaks
What did you want to be?: Loved.
Who did you fight?: Everything that I thought were wrong and my little brother
Who/What did you believe in?: Love
Where did you go?: To school and home.
What did you learn?: Everything, exept the most necessary