superbob @ the internet

Where are you? home

What are you? boy

What do you make? enemies

What do you love? sideways glances from a girl i'm interested in

What do you hate? the finger, from a girl i'm interested in

What do you listen to? lambchop, belle and sebastian, felt, weather prophets, galaxie 500, velvet underground, moose, timdersticks

What do you watch? cartoon network

What do you drink? bacardi spiced

What do you smoke? marlboro menthol

What do you take? too much shit from people i shouldn't take shit from

What do you believe in? death

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? home

    What were you? boy

    What did you wear? stonewash denim

    What did you listen to? p.i.l., dead kennedys, violent femmes

    What did you watch? sitcoms

    What did you love? losing my virginity

    What did you hate? how long it lasted

    What did you drink? everything

    What did you smoke? everything

    What did you take? everything that i wasn't scared of

    What did you want to be? architect

    Who did you fight? the guy down the street who thought he was better than everyone else

    Who/What did you believe in? a bright future

    Where did you go? to sleep

    What did you learn? not to worry