spaceman j

Who Are You?: Spaceman J
Where Are You?: Earth
What Are You?: a lab technician, apprentice optician
What do you make?: love, ideas, thoughts, opinions, glasses
What do you love?: my fiancee, my dogs, nature
What do you hate?: road rage, blind ignorance
What do you listen to?: jesus and mary chain and jazz
What do you watch?: x-files, endless amounts of movies
What do you drink?: water, micheal sheas, milk
What do you smoke?: i dont need another bad habit
What do you take?: i take what life gives me
What do you believe in?: i believe in myself and imagination is better than knowlegde

When We Were 16

Where were you?: trapped in my bedroom
What were you?: lonely
What did you wear?: t-shirts, jeans
What did you listen to?: not much satisfying to listen to in watertown, ny
What did you watch?: x-files
What did you love?: i loved the person i had not met yet, but was meant to love
What did you hate?: limitations to my imagination
What did you drink?: water, endless amounts of pepsi
What did you smoke?: i tryed my first cigarette at the age of 21
What did you take?: i took what life gave me, even though i didnt like it
What did you want to be?: i wanted a chance to be myself
Who did you fight?: people who thought they could take advantage of me
Who/What did you believe in?: i believed there must be something better
Where did you go?: i migrated to buffalo, then rochester, ny
What did you learn?: trust yourself, dont lie, being/feeling alone is much better than being miserable in a crowd