sussanah @ sinister

Where are you? In North London, in a darkened room on a misty night in November

What are you? A bit cheeky. 25 years old

What do you make? A mess in the kitchen, my flatmate laugh, pots

What do you love? the innocence of animals, hilarious fixes me and my flatmate get into, the wonder of life

What do you hate? Intolerance, Arrogance - a little bit helps though. Narrow-Mindedness, people who drop litter.

What do you listen to? fireworks going off all around me. Mazzy star, Suns of Arqa, New London School of Electronics, Madder Rose, Primal Scream, Tindersticks, Velvet+Underground, Trance... and I still listen to all my old records of course

What do you watch? my favourite film, 'Don't look now'. My spiralling overdraft

What do you drink? Tea is a panacea for all evils. I like chocolate milk and wine too.

What do you smoke? passively only

What do you take? Milk, no sugar... the wonder drug of the nineties.... Nothing I can't give back

What do you believe in? One universal Conciousness... Astral projection

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? A little village in Cheshire

    What were you? Confused

    What did you wear? Black and *gulp* tie-dye... my parents patience

    What did you listen to? Stone Roses, The Mondays, Ride, Wonderstuff, Pixies, New Order, Joy Division, the Cure, the Sundays, PWEI, Jesus and Mary Chain, Wedding Present, Dinosaur Junior.

    What did you watch? The Omen, and scared myself stupid for days

    What did you love? Paul Wright- object of my infatuation

    What did you hate? Helen Brock- object of Paul Wright's infatuation

    What did you drink? Vodka and orange, thunderbird... yeesh...

    What did you smoke? B&H occasionally to mistakenly try and look cool

    What did you take? hours in the athroom to get ready

    What did you want to be? beautiful and famous obviously.....

    Who did you fight? my own lack of self-confidence

    Who/What did you believe in? anything goes

    Where did you go? into Manchester if I could get into places. Reading fest.

    What did you learn? everyone is equal

    november 1997