Talia Kraines

Who Are You?: Talia Kraines
Where Are You?: Blackpool, Lancashire England
What Are You?: An 18 year old girl
What do you make?: people have fun!
What do you love?: grover from seseme street Heaven and hell nightclub my friends
What do you hate?: a bitch girl called Katherine who has made my life hell for 7 years!
What do you listen to?: Geri halliwell, george Michael, Lionel Vinyl!!!! 70s stuff, 60s stuff, s club 7 ( i know i'm sad!) elton john, shawn mullins, mel c
What do you watch?: friends, buffy, ally mc beal
What do you drink?: malibu and pinapple
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: nothing
What do you believe in?: that everyone should be free to live their life as an individual and should not be forced into doing stuff by society's constraints

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Still Blackpool
What were you?: a less confident person
What did you wear?: clothes!
What did you listen to?: spice girls, madonna
What did you watch?: friends, brookside
What did you love?: Eva Peron
What did you hate?: katherine!
What did you drink?: nothing
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: a lawyer
Who did you fight?: no one
Who/What did you believe in?: didn't really have many beliefs
Where did you go?: nowhere
What did you learn?: gcses!!