Who Are You?: Im Tara
Where Are You?: In London
What Are You?: A lovely person
What do you make?: Love
What do you love?: Make
What do you hate?: Nothing
What do you listen to?: Anything
What do you watch?: The way I walk
What do you drink?: Hot Tea
What do you smoke?: Cigerettes
What do you take?: In regrets
What do you believe in?: Love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In Camden
What were you?: A Camden girl
What did you wear?: What felt the best
What did you listen to?: Whatever the rest..
What did you watch?: The way I walk
What did you love?: The way I talked
What did you hate?: Being stalked
What did you drink?: Nothing
What did you smoke?: Everything!
What did you take?: Not Heroin
What did you want to be?: A Star
Who did you fight?: A mate
Who/What did you believe in?: Love
Where did you go?: Most time spent in the bath
What did you learn?: To live my life and and love is still the Bomb