Tim Clark @ The Internet (somewhere...)

Where are you? Essex.

What are you? Exploited.

What do you make? Ideas.

What do you love? Wales and caves and books and poems and films and music.

What do you hate? The way the world spins northeast when i have drunk too much, and football.

What do you listen to? Too much , at the moment air conditioning, but all-day long i've had the first track of the new sea and cake album running around my head.

What do you watch? Nothing much. My local cinema has no pretensions unlike me.

What do you drink? I don't drink cider anymore but it took me along time to stop. Usually drink bitter or stout or water. At work herbal tea since caffeine sent me loopy.

What do you smoke? Never ever smoked a thing. Have had some nice smoked tofu and have eaten all sorts of things.

What do you take? My life in my own hands.

What do you believe in? I believe that Robert Wyatt has the most melancholy voice ever, ever, ever..

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Tonbridge, Kent

    What were you? Spotty schoolkid with dandruff.

    What did you wear? I wore an excellent blue jumper with a strange seam down the middle that made people think it was inside out. I had another identical jumper occasions. I had a really cool pair of dark grey trousers as well but the zip broke.

    What did you listen to? Queen, Marillion, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd.

    What did you watch? Tales from Fat Tulips Garden and Fat Tulip Too. Join my campaign for a 24 hour Fat Tulip channel now!

    What did you love? Masturbation.

    What did you hate? Football.

    What did you drink? Nothing. Stupid me was teetotal until i was 20.

    What did you smoke? Other peoples stale tobacco smoke.

    What did you take? Oxytetracycline for my spots.

    What did you want to be?

    Who did you fight? My brother and my little sister.

    Who/What did you believe in? I was a solipsist and believed in nothing.

    Where did you go? Youth theatre.

    What did you learn? That my body language is more interesting when i am standing still than when i am moving.