Who Are You?: teapin@mindspring.com
Where Are You?: recently gentrified crackhouse in Brooklyn, NY, USA
What Are You?: utterly confounded, mostly, but sometimes merely stunned
What do you make?: intricate plans, half-completed art projects, endless mix tapes, emotional obstacle courses, etc
What do you love?: amateurish exuberance, punk rock nrrdy types, failed art students, warped windows, stripped-down, slummy, damaged, debased, raw, fucked up shit
What do you hate?: fashionable interests, overly-deliberate symbolism, expensive luxury items
What do you listen to?: music(varied), ambient noise, personal conversations, bad advice
What do you watch?: people everywhere/always, big mistakes approaching quickly
What do you drink?: water, mostly. sometimes too much beer (no tolerance)
What do you smoke?: smoking sucks
What do you take?: offense at banality, measures to frustrate friends and family, pains to conceal my talents
What do you believe in?: subtle refutations, imperfectability, social engagement

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Albuquerque, NM, having a rough time
What were you?: ugh. beginning to really lose it
What did you wear?: typical prep-school shoddy knockoff crap
What did you listen to?: college radio, predictable accusations and concerns
What did you watch?: nothing memorable
What did you love?: music, books, difficult people, spazzes, etc
What did you hate?: just about everything conveniently at hand
What did you drink?: the usual assortment of sugary confections
What did you smoke?: nah, fuck that
What did you take?: way too much shit from way too many people
What did you want to be?: genius boho schemer/tragic, damaged man of mystery
Who did you fight?: myself, mostly
Who/What did you believe in?: the clash, that whole diy ethic, various negative worldviews
Where did you go?: from bad to worse in a very scattered, unsteady manner
What did you learn?: people will let you completely fall apart, provided they don't have to acknowledge it