Who Are You?: thd
Where Are You?: Berkeley California USA
What Are You?: bakery van driver
What do you make?: $10 an hour plus plenty of overtime
What do you love?: women, music, dogs, the Cannanes, movies, t-v ass-time, my friends, reading books, good food, obsessively cleaning my apartment, observing people outside my window.
What do you hate?: Russians. Intensely.
What do you listen to?: The Cannanes, Huon, Sun Ra, the excellent new Childish/Sexton Ming record, Young Marble Giants. I only listen to music occasionally, as it should be. I feel that contemporary hip youngsters listen to music entirely too often, leading to a damp ability to truly appreciate truly good music when they DO hear it. This explains the current "indie"/record consumer phenomenon and its atrocity.
What do you watch?: Cops, Drew Carey, Simpsons. Felicity, Dawson's Creek, Buffy. Bresson films esp. Au Hazard, Balthazar; Mouchette; and A Man Escaped. Brazil, Junet et Caro movies. Adam Sandler, MadTV, Eastenders.
What do you drink?: only the strongest coffee and the coldest beer
What do you smoke?: now that Three Caftles is no longer available, I smoke this wonderful Bali Shag tobacco from Denmark. Moist, rich, dense as a Borges story.
What do you take?: I take no more than I deserve. People are so thoughtless these days really.
What do you believe in?: I believe in time travel, the true love of a dog for its master, and this thing called EVP where ghosts/extradimensionals are communicating to us via the sp0oky magnetic teletape we call cassettes. I also believe that although sometimes our destiny is chosen for us, we are simultaneously in charge of this destiny. This is not a contradiction: you just can't be too cemented into an imaginary future for yourself. Be flexible, but always you are in control. And clean the bathroom for Christ's sake.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: a miserable little crank factory of a town two hours from here.
What were you?: I was on the cross country team, I was also very new wave.
What did you wear?: pretty much the same style I wear now and I wore when I was 4. But with a fresh eighties haircut, like Morrissey probably.
What did you listen to?: The Smiths, Young Marble Giants. Television Personalities, the Cure probably.
What did you watch?: I can't remember anything good on t-v back then. T-v has improved dramatically in the last 15 years, don't let anyone tell you anything differently.
What did you love?: I loved girls and life. Now I just love girls.
What did you hate?: I hated stupid thoughtless people. At the time I had some vague countercultural fixation. What I believed was a conspiracy of the powerful and evil was actually (I realize now), a conspiracy of conflicting self-appraisals. A neccesary phase, but a phase.
What did you drink?: Wine coolers sometimes.
What did you smoke?: Nothing ever until 19. I was all state in cross country. I ran a 10:12 3000m!
What did you take?: I took more than I deserved I think.
What did you want to be?: I wanted to be an english teacher or a writer.
Who did you fight?: I was a pretty happy little camper compared to alot of people I guess. I didn't fight the law, or the man, or the jocks or whatever.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in something new every month or two.
Where did you go?: I went nowhere, but wanted to travel the world. I had maps on the wall. v What did you learn?: I learned that hard work is, in fact, rewarded. Anemic virtues are almost always punished. This is the way the world works. People who complain about life being fair are stupid. Of course life isn't fair.