thom lawrence

Who Are You?: thom lawrence
Where Are You?: in watford. toying with friendly robots.
What Are You?: bored but childishly enthusiastic.
What do you make?: stuff that is cute and unfulfilling. and i have a gig next month thankyouverymuch. (giggle).
What do you love?: one girl every six months, me every 19 years. the thought that summer will end eventually. and like other stuff that doesn't deserve to be typed in a box.
What do you hate?: summer. all the stupid brightness, business and noise. forgetting to get out once in a while. grr. summer. you stupid hot time of year. i'll see you pay.
What do you listen to?: tv. the same things over and over. more than expected. no phone ringing for me APPARENTLY. the silence of another missed heartbeat. ring ring. skip. disappointment. like that. then back to the tv. then repeat.
What do you watch?: tv. excellent. only the tv. feeling fragile alot, everything hurts. so i only watch the tv. so i can probably handle one thing hurting me. concentration makes me v v happy, i guess.
What do you drink?: cute bottled stuff. or anything that doesn't remind me of vodka and the puking and bad things. out of my bedroom window once. rained the next morning, but still an achievement.
What do you smoke?: nothing.
What do you take?: not enough. balance made up with vitamin pills.
What do you believe in?: every thought i ever had.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: watford. just moved. hating it.
What were you?: miserable. and taking entirely the wrong route out of it.
What did you wear?: fewer and fewer tshirts as the scars built up and up.
What did you listen to?: radiohead and deus.
What did you watch?: can't remember. probably the same stuff as now.
What did you love?: getting home and getting to bed at night.
What did you hate?: nowt really. didn't pay much attention
What did you drink?: more and more beer as the year went on and as more people talked to me. and HOOCH had just been invented and nobody had realised it'd never be cool. which was nice for us.
What did you smoke?: nowt.
What did you take?: nowt.
What did you want to be?: a rock star. or a nondescript millionaire. something happy and shiney.
Who did you fight?: nobody.
Who/What did you believe in?: didn't pay any attention.
Where did you go?: first gig i went to after i'd moved here was marion i think. we went to camden lots. etc.
What did you learn?: gcses took no work. most people were cunts. life would be fine.