Who Are You?: Tim
Where Are You?: High above the Euston Road
What Are You?: Roadkill on the information superhighway
What do you make?: Prose
What do you love?: Gospelly bits in pop records where the singer's voice cracks ever so slightly
What do you hate?: Sinusitis
What do you listen to?: Jangly guitars and soaring organs
What do you watch?: Dogme
What do you drink?: Romanian Pinot Noir
What do you smoke?: Haddock
What do you take?: Tea tree oil and balsamic vinegar
What do you believe in?: Disappointment

When We Were 16

Where were you?: The sticks
What were you?: A nerdy schoolkid with creative aspirations and few friends
What did you wear?: Black drainpipe jeans and Country Born hair gel
What did you listen to?: Smiths, Velvets, Joy Div, Doors - not that I was a cliche or anything
What did you watch?: My back
What did you love?: Koussy Dufour
What did you hate?: 97% of my immediate acquaintances
What did you drink?: Roses lime cordial
What did you smoke?: Ventolin inhaler with a sparkler in it
What did you take?: The biscuit
What did you want to be?: Morrissey, Woody Allen and Rupert Everett
Who did you fight?: Alex Glanville
Who/What did you believe in?: Agnosticism
Where did you go?: Into the mind of Janice Long
What did you learn?: There's worse to come