tim chipping

Who Are You?: Timothy Mark Chipping of the pop group Orlando
Where Are You?: Wood Green,same room for the last 10 years.No intention of moving.
What Are You?: A pop artist.I've recently come to terms with being an artist so as to deflect other people's scorn at the fact that I don't appear to do anything.I never had aproblem with it but,you know...other people.
What do you make?: Pop music.
What do you love?: The Spice Girls, seal's faces, minidiscs, and chocolate
What do you hate?: Received opinion, meat, drugs, cool, atheism.
What do you listen to?: Bob Dylan, Jimmy Webb, Wu-tang clan, Nick Cave, T.L.C, Joni Mitchell, Gabrielle, Spice Girls, my own inner demons.
What do you watch?: Homicide, League of Gentlemen, Collectors Lot, Kevin Smith films, my step.
What do you drink?: Water, Pepsi Max.
What do you smoke?: What ever other people breathe out in the name of personal freedom.
What do you take?: Piriton.
What do you believe in?: That there are no stupid questions just stupid people.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Arndale center,Poole. Dodging homophobic attacks and security guards.
What were you?: One of those.
What did you wear?: Things my mother had put in the loft and too much make up.
What did you listen to?: Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Soft Cell, Ashford & Simpson.
What did you watch?: Network 7, The Naked Civil Servant, John Hughes' films.
What did you love?: Girls, being the thing other people stared at, my bedroom.
What did you hate?: Torys, being the thing other people stared at, running scared.
What did you drink?: Thunderbird through a straw.
What did you smoke?: Whatever other people breathed out in the name of giving a 'blow back'.What was that all about?
What did you take?: I was a sanctimonious abstainer even then, i'm afraid.
What did you want to be?: An actor, Joanne Whalley's boyfriend, in London.
Who did you fight?: No one.They all wanted to fight me. Nowadays i'm quite handy but nobody seems up for it.
Who/What did you believe in?: That I had backslid and had no right to pray.
Where did you go?: Poole College to study drama.
What did you learn?: That I hate hugs.That these would be the best days of my life.That I would never be the same again.That Thunderbird through a straw makes you sick.