Who Are You?: Travis
Where Are You?: Olympia, WA. In a computer lab at school.
What Are You?: young and Irish
What do you make?: pop melodies
What do you love?: Food and wine and everything fine.
What do you hate?: Meat and computers.
What do you listen to?: Lately the Dandy Warhols and the Space Ballerinas.
What do you watch?: Japanese horror films.
What do you drink?: Guinness, but usually Oly stubbies.
What do you smoke?: Nat Sherman's 'Hint of Mint' on occasions.
What do you take?: Take? Percocet, valium
What do you believe in?: tomorrow

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Probably in my room listening to jazz.
What were you?: a new waver, ha!
What did you wear?: lots of black, a skinny tie, and some Italian shoes
What did you listen to?: AC/DC
What did you watch?: Felix the Cat on the Spanish Channel
What did you love?: An older woman.
What did you hate?: Living with my parents
What did you drink?: Gin lot's of gin.
What did you smoke?: Probably marijuana, I don't remember.
What did you take?: Whatever the shrink put me on. Probably Prozac.
What did you want to be?: a ROCKSTAR!
Who did you fight?: No principal is my 'pal'.
Who/What did you believe in?: Keith Moon
Where did you go?: Tumwater High School
What did you learn?: Not much.